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Marklin Hammer Machine Steam *SOLD* Engine for Sale

Marklin Hammer Machine Steam Engine for sale

German: No. 4124/14 Dampfmaschine, sog. Hammermaschine.

Arguably, we have the pleasure of offering one of the most famous steam engine ever produced.  This is Marklin’s “Hammer Machine” steam engine.   The toy comes with the 3395 Dynamo and is known as the No. 4124/14/3395 Steam Engine with Dynamo (Dampfmaschine kit Dynamo).

Our toy was found in Canada at least 25 years ago by a well known collector and has been untouched since.  We see sight glass still present, gauge, and whistle per catalog specs.  There is a missing square sign that would stick to the top of the pistons, however the set otherwise is near complete.  Funnels are present too.

The base is an extra rare variety, one of the earliest, with painted tiles (later versions have a more plain metal base without this decoration. -Extremely desirable.

Reference book Marklin – New Ways to Success, up to 1912 shows our toy on page 295.  Our toy predates the one drawn, as it has the earlier painted base.  The base is just under 24″ in length or an official 60 cm in length per catalog.

For the non-engineers out there, our boiler gets clean water and then fuel causes it to boil with a fire.  Then the steam drives a set of pistons.  The set of pistons drive a shaft with toothed wheel.  The week and piñon drive the dynamo which makes electricity.  Two dynamo contacts are there for whatever the “kids” wanted to power.


Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 30 in