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Marklin ca. 1910 Steam Toy Band Saw Steam Accessory for Sale


Marklin ca. 1910 Steam Toy Band Saw Steam Accessory

Our Marklin band saw is adjustable (and a real blade) with a nickel plated table.  This model 4255/1 was a very exacting toy in its day and could actually cut balsa wood and perform cutting; all depending on the steam power.

Marklin’s cast iron base on this one has the early 1900-1920s shield with M marked inside in script.  It is a fabulously solid and well made toy.  The cast iron is solid and expertly sculpted.  Gold pin striping was used.  Then the table has a very thick layer of plating.

One can see the Marklin Shield and logo cast into the arm of the saw midway up.

Marklin was known for the best in toy engineering, hand painting, and quality.  It was a rich king’s, prince’s, nobleman’s toy.  This toy is no exception, it is a 110 year old treasure.


Gebruder Maerklin Goppingen, Germany
1859 to date
Founder: Theodor and his wife, Caroline Maerklin
Specialty: Originated as a maker of doll-sized tinplate kitchenware. When sons took over the business in 1888, firm name was changed to Gebruder Maerklin. Branched out to a variety of enameled tinplate boats, carousels, aeronautical toys. Unsurpassed in production of clockwork, steam, and electric trains. Introduced first standardized tinplate tracks in 1891. Maerklin switched to plastic train sets in the late 1950s.


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