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Marklin Tin Steam Toy For Sale Antique Water Powered Reservoir with Mill


Marklin Tin Steam Toy For Sale- Antique Water Powered Mill

The title is long, apologies.  Our toy is made by one of the best German toy makers– Marklin, and is prewar and hand painted.  Then it is a steam toy that can be powered via hand crank or a steam toy pulley and belt.  -Marklin Catalog #4353 circa 1927and 18.5×18.5×11.5 cm.

Condition is incredible and we won’t see one this nice again.  The hand flourishes on painting really stand out, and paintwork is bright.

We test filled the toy’s basin with water and the pump works.  It powers a stream of water to fall on the water mill.  Then the mill likely is modeled after a wheat grinding mill.

The provenance on this toy traces to Morton A. Hirschberg and his Steam Toys A symphony in Motion book, page 194.

Most Importantly- The grumpy seagull figure is included with hand painted highlights.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 in