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Marklin ca. 1918 Vertical Steam Engine 4112/11 *SOLD*

Marklin Verticle Steam Engine 4112/11 For Sale

Our toy is a bit exasperating with all its detail and cataloging variation, yet that is its charm.  The parts count on these toys is off the chart and it falls into the “They don’t make ’em like they used to” category.  We have precision, detail, heft, and a beautiful design.  The base is stamped steel, the boiler, brass, then get cast iron detailing .

Cataloging touts ” Extra Fine model…. and Extra Precision..”.   The feed pump is driven by the flywheel, a costly and deluxe feature.  The piston is a “Double Acting” model.

The toy was produced right around the post-World War I dates of 1918 or so.  We determined this by the use of a black base and its early but post WW1 black color.   There is some minor black touchup to the base.

We get a very large flywheel of 120 mm diameter.  Black tin base dimensions are 33cm by just over 30 cm.  The stack is about 140 mm and the overall height is about 40 cm.

This Marklin model 4112 needs a burner but is otherwise complete.  Please let us know if you have a burner for sale.

The brass boiler has the highly desirable Marklin and Co logo badge and equally impressive heavy cast iron burner door.  The proper gauge and whistle are present.  Gauge glass is present as it its shield.

Handles on the toy are mostly original but we have a missing handle as well as one replacement on a top valve.  The oil filler above the cylinder will need to be re-soldered as will the cylinder lines which became loose.

The sought after governor, boiler water cap, and pressure gauge are still present and original. The set has its water pail, oiler, and funnel.

In the world of steam engines, Marklin is premier.  In the world of boilers, this vertical boiler trumps many designs.  Then of the Marklin engines, our model is second largest.  It is a gem for any antique display and it has an incredible designer and industrial aesthetic.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 22 × 20 in