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Marusan Gigantic Cadillac Eldorado Brougham 1957/1958 for Sale


Marusan Gigantic Cadillac Eldorado Brougham 1957/1958 For Sale

If you are a tin car collector and don’t have this one– Get it.  Marusan or San was allowed to officially license this particular Cadillac with the help of Mike Gallagher.  Mike is of Antique Toy Club or ATCA fame as well as co author of a number of books includeing the “Big Book of Tin Cars”.  His taste and toy experience shows throughout this toy.

Details include a limited production and this gold/tan/silver metallic being a more limited release.  Then the size is tremendous as shown in the 14.5″ length.  Rumors have it that GM chose to refine this toy a few times to make it even more realistic and exacting before approving the toy.

Chrome detailing, or shiny metal is used throughout to simulate the proper glitz of the toy.  Hubcaps are pressed to precision realism.  The roof is the proper Caddy silver.  Windows are blue per traditional Japanese toy norm.  Note that our windows have minor speckles on them like hard water droplets.

#148, this one is Kenya Beige Metallic, almost a fawn gold.

The bottom of the tin toy is new old stock and the top is glossy and nearly new.  Please see the glossy photos and incredible detail.



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