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Marx Lithographed Tin Windup “Dottie the Driver” Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Thumper Rabbit Wacky Jeep for Sale*pending*


Marx Lithographed Tin Windup “Dottie the Driver” Disney Mickey Mouse Thumper Rabbit Wacky Jeep 

We have for you an unusual and not often seen tin, windup, lithographed “Dottie the Driver” Walt Disney wacky jeep manufactured by Louis Marx & Company of New York City, New York. 

This mash-up piece is in working condition and when wound by its dedicated key, Dottie’s jeep goes in a stop & go wacky car motion with a “gear grinding” sound as Dottie’s head whips around in a bobble head motion with the vehicle. The windup mechanism works well and Dottie does her crazy driving as she grinds the gears. Dottie appears to be plastic or celluloid and on the jeep we can see the classic Walt Disney characters Mickey Mouse, Thumper Rabbit, Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Goofy. 

Our example of this “Dottie the Driver” wacky car is in great all original condition with no breaks, restorations, repairs, or touch ups. This piece shows the usual patina, dust, chips, scuffs, surface rust, scratches, and wear that are to be expected from age and play. It is approximately 6” L. This would be a great and impressive addition to any collection. We invite you to view the photos to further determine quality and condition. 



A brief history of Louis Marx & Company of New York City, New York: 

Louis Marx and Company was an American toy manufacturer in business from about 1919 to 1980 founded in New York City by Louis & David Marx. Its products were often imprinted with the slogan, “One of the many Marx toys, have you all of them?” Arguably, Marx was the most well-known toy companies through the late mid-20th century. Best known for their lithographed tin windup toys Marx was also one of the big four among American electric train manufacturers. An interesting fact is that Marx also successfully revived the Yo-Yo in 1928; it sold well even through the Depression. 

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