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Marx Tin Lithographed Batt. Op. J-9636 “Armored Attack Set” in Box *SOLD*

Marx Tin Lithographed Batt. Op. J-9636 “Armored Attack Set” in Box

This is a hard-to-find tin, lithographed, battery operated J-9636 “Armored Attack Set” that was manufactured in Japan by Louis Marx & Co. of New York City, New York.          

The box is approximately 13” L x 9 ½” W and in very good condition.

Comes with article written about this toy.

All soldiers on their car, one rifleman is missing the tip of his rifle, but all other soldiers have their parts.

The tank is approximately 5 ½” L.

The Jeep is 6 ½” L.

This is untested.



A brief history of Louis Marx & Company of New York City, New York:              

1919 – 1979

Founder: Louis Marx

Specialty: Louis Marx and Company was an American toy manufacturer in business from about 1919 to 1980 founded in New York City by Louis & David Marx. Its products were often imprinted with the slogan, “One of the many Marx toys, have you all of them?” Arguably, Marx was the most well-known toy company through the late mid-20th century. Best known for their lithographed tin windup toys Marx was also one of the big four among American electric train manufacturers. Interestingly, Marx also successfully revived the Yo-Yo in 1928; it sold well even through the Depression.    

Linemar Co. Inc. or more simply Linemar toys was the trade name under which Marx toys were manufactured in Japan, then sold in the United States and other countries. The reason to make Linemar toys in Japan was to keep costs down. Under the Linemar name, Marx produced The Flintstones and other licensed toy vehicles (Linemar Tin Toys 2015). The Linemar line also included airplanes that were produced in the colors of KLM, Pan Am and other airlines. 

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 6 in
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