Masudaya Modern Toys (MT) Tin Litho Batt. Op. X-3 Space Explorer U.F.O. Prototype & X-7 Space Explorer *SOLD*

Masudaya Modern Toys (MT) Tin Litho Batt. Op. X-3 Space Explorer U.F.O. Prototype & X-7 Space Explorer

This glossy and large Prototype X-3 Space Explorer UFO tin ship is a remarkable find. We suspect it’s an unproduced toy prototype, as it comes with sample tags. The sample tag is marked “Universal Toy Exporters Limited, Asakusa Tokyo Japan.” The Sample Toy X3 features beautiful candy-like blue lithography throughout, with a nice iridescence that is particularly visible on the bottom. The toy operates properly with a unique beeping/electronic action, spinning action, and light-up fun. It also comes with a sample model/price/dozen sticker attached, as well as a sample room hang tag (model) M4143 for a UK toy expo. The UFO X-3 measures a large 10 inches in diameter. Included in this lot for contrast is the X-7 Space Explorer saucer, featuring a rotating cockpit and spaceman. The lights illuminate, and the toy emits a popping sound. It rolls smoothly and has proper bump-and-go action. The battery compartment is clean, with light tin corrosion on the lower saucer edge by the right rear wheel. There is a slight haze to the dome, but otherwise, it is in very good condition.



A brief history of Masudaya Modern Toys (MT) of Tokyo, Japan: 

Masudaya also known as Masudaya Modern Toys was a tin toy manufacturer that was founded in 1923 in Tokyo, Japan. Masudaya was one of the leading builders of tintype mechanical and battery-operated toys in the post-World War II era. Unlike many of their competitors, Masudaya managed to survive to this day, due in part to their involvement in the airsoft gun craze of the 1980s. They are mostly known for basically creating “skirmishable” airsoft guns that could be used for combat simulations rather than target shooting. Masudaya normally identifies their toys using the M-T, or Modern Toys logo. 

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in