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Miss America X Mahogany and Rosewood Race Boat for Sale


Miss America X Mahogany and Rosewood Race Boat for sale.


Our glossy 32″ race boat is an absolute stunner.  It was hand made, complete with four packard motors, and then clear coated to give the wood an incredible depth.

This is a model that was done more recently in Asia for display only.  There is no mechanism to propel it.  The work took countless hours and it was one of a very few that were built to order by collectors.  These would run hundreds of dollars more than our price.  Ours is at hand, and when these were being made, they took close to four months to deliver on a good day.  Literally the artisans built these plank by plank, and often with miniature brass nails.

We note that the steering and rudder were placed mid-ship.  At such high rates of speed and the unique hull design, designers must have wanted this innovative steering for a centered turn radius.

The real life Miss America X has a storied career as a speed record holder at over 125 miles per hours.  The real boat was just over 38 feet in length.  The motors produced a whopping 6400 horse power in total! Read more at this great site that also has a video:


8 Ton Sledge: Gar Wood’s 7,000hp Miss America X Boat Owned The World In ’32 and ’33 (Video)



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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 14 × 14 in