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Masudaya Modern Toys X-07 Space Surveillant Space Ship Japan


Masudaya Modern Toys X-07 Space Surveillant Tin Space Ship

When it comes to space age toys, Masudaya (Modern Toys) was one of the makers that just killed it in the 1950s and 60s. They produced numerous space/robot toys, many of which are highly sought after by collectors.


This particular ship c. late 1950s, and is just a hoot.   The X-07 Space Surveillant (just one of many X- ships in the MT fleet) is large, heavy, and brilliantly lithographed throughout. The detailed cockpit features an astronaut pilot equipped with a moving joystick arm.


The egg shape design makes the battery layout a little different than usual, as this toy has 2 battery compartments (one for each D battery). When powered up via the rear on/off lever the ship’s light begin to blink as it travels around, scouting the uncharted systems of your table. It makes a rather loud space-esque boink, I presume to be its “radar”.


It’s equipped with the “No-Fall” action, so it will turn itself if it hits a table edge. The box BOLDY boasts that it “WILL NOT FALL OF TABLE”.


The condition is near mint. There are some light scratches along the edges, likely from bumping against corners during its very short usage life. Original box shows some light edge wear and minor discoloration.


Ship measures approx. 8-1/2” L x 7” W x 4” H

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 6 in