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Motorcycle Toy Sampler Collection ca. 1950’s to 1970’s


Motorcycle Toy Sampler Lot a-la-1950’s to 1970’s

-Interesting motorcycle industrial Design sampler from the 1950s to the 1970’s.  Highlights include some sleek plastic 50’s motorcycles with cops and a great carded Pink Panther cycle.

The Spider Man motorcycle is a nice nod to the 70’s web slinger with a Buddy L style.  The Larger tin motorcycle with sidecar is a Chinese interpretation of the popular German and Japanese toys of the 60’s.  It is a sleeper and heavy and works well as a windup.

Each toy on its own is modest, but as a group it makes a great display.  The blue plastic moto has a rear fender chip.  The green GI Joe die cast doesn’t have a windscreen.

Condition on all is used, dusty, but great for a Harley and motorcycle display.

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