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Museum Quality Tugboat Scale Model for Sale


Museum Quality Tugboat Scale Model

Tugboat Length is an impressive 37″.

This ship was detailed Tom Ryder of Wester Springs, IL who built the 1/8 scale “Alvin” of Titanic fame which is in the WHOI museum (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution of Cape Cod).

Inside the hull was spacing for radio control.  The beginning of this build, beginning was RC gear and a hull.  Then Tom commissioned an architect to scale a picture he found in a magazine.  -See the picture under glass (included).  Tom then set about hand building details per architect’s drawings using an entire miniature workshop in his Illinois home.

The build is truly museum grade.  The only condition issue is a small amount of gum left at the bow that formerly held a net.  The gum can be removed or a new net added.

Our ship will likely deserve hand transport or a visit to its home in Florida.  Contact us for details and any arrangements.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 20 × 18 in