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Hubley Parcel Post Cast Iron Motorcycle for Sale

Parcel Post Cast Iron Motorcycle by Hubley For Sale *Pending*

Our cast iron Hubley is a great original toy but with some quirks.  The olive paint on the motorcycle is all original and the car 70% with a replaced rear door.

We note documentation in 1907 for rural postmasters to use these motorcycles.  The USPS, in fact, provides us with an example of a postal carrier motorcycle behind a postal van (see picture). The post office notes that around 1928 most of these trikes were phased out.

Our toy example appears in the 1928 Lancaster Brand Iron and Steel Toy Catalog. This Harley  mimics the real three wheeler, but as the USPS phased them out of service, we see the toy disappear soon after from catalogs.

We note that the driver is in better condition and appears original.  The driver is the proper blue with orange cap, and likely paired later as a replacement.