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Thomas Toys Plastic Race Car #7 for Sale


Thomas Toys Plastic Race Car #7

We are mixing up our toys and adding in some affordable options, with humble beginnings.  This plastic Thomas Toys racer is a nickel/dime toy and made of plastic.  It represents a post-war option for kids.

The toy is made of three molding colors, black, white, and then a marbled maroon.  It is unusual because of this multitude of colors on an affordable kids toy.

Condition is very good original.  The plastic has little to no warping and the parts are original.

Number I 256



A brief history of Thomas Toy Company of Newark, New Jersey:

1944 to 1968

Founder: Islyn Thomas and Benjamin Shapiro

Specialty: Thomas Manufacturing Company was a toy company that was founded in Newark, New Jersey in the 1940s by ex-Ideal Toy employee Islyn Thomas, who partnered with Acme Plastic Toys, Inc.’s Benjamin Shapiro. The company was known for producing a range of popular plastic toys, including model cars, trucks, and airplanes, as well as other play sets and figurines. The toys were marketed under the ACME brand until 1949 when Thomas bought out Shapiro and became marketing the toys under the Thomas Toys brand.

One of the most famous products made by Thomas Toys was a line of plastic cars and trucks called “Tommy Toys,” which were popular with children in the 1950s and 1960s. These toys were known for their durability and bright colors, and they were sold in a variety of different sets and configurations. Banner acquired Thomas Toys in 1960. Thomas was inducted into the Plastics Hall of Fame in 1979.

Over time, Thomas Toys expanded its product line to include a wide range of different toys and playsets. However, the company faced increasing competition from other toy manufacturers, and by the 1980s, it had ceased production.

Despite the fact that Thomas Toys is no longer in business, its toys remain popular with collectors today.

Other names associated: Acme Plastic Toys, Inc., ACME

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