Pratt & Letchworth Horse Drawn Stake Truck *E-Museum*

Pratt & Letchworth Horse Drawn Stake Truck

Our strong horse, superior condition Pratt and Letchworth stake wagon is a beauty to share.  It was placed in a museum-like deep toy collection but is here to share.

These stake wagons are the precursors to heavy stake trucks used in construction.   Here, the rear stakes can be moved forward or aft to hold bails of hay or similar farm product.  Barrels and boxes fill out this utility bed toy with horses.

P&L’s cast iron is a malleable cast iron that allows some flex, so it isn’t as brittle or prone to cracking.  The metal casting is superb.

Details were hand-painted circa the 1890s.  Horses do a slow trot via the front leg wheels.



Pratt & Letchworth Buffalo, New York
1880 – 1900
Founder: Pascal P. Pratt and William P. Letchworth
Specialty: Cast-iron toy trains, horse-drawn hansom cabs, pumpers, artillery wagons. Originally known (1870s) as Buffalo Malleable Iron Works, Francis Carpenter`s stock and patent rights were acquired by Pratt & Letchworth in 1890.