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Pre-War Arnold Tin Lithographed Windup Large Fire Engine with Sparking Boiler & Small No. 640 Box for Sale


Pre-War Arnold Tin Lithographed Windup Large Fire Engine with Sparking Boiler & Small No. 640 Box

This is a rare, pre-war, tin, lithographed, windup fire engine with sparking boiler that was manufactured by Arnold Co. of Nuremberg, Germany. You may be familiar with the tin penny no. 640 small post-war version of this fire engine, this is its larger pre-war big brother.  

This does not come with a key, but we tested it and when you wind it and put it in gear it travels forward and the boiler sparks in the back. It is missing one fireman. We threw in a small Arnold no. 640 box that we had that has great graphics which were much different from the basic pre-war Arnold box graphics, but it definitely demonstrates what the toy’s action is.

This piece is in good all original condition with no breaks, restorations, repairs, or touch-ups. This piece shows the usual patina, fading, dust, chips, scuffs, surface rust, scratches, missing accessories, and wear that is to be expected from age and play. This is approximately 8 ¼” L.  We invite you to view the photos to further determine the quality and condition.        



A brief history of Arnold Co. of Nuremberg, Germany: 

Active: 1906 to date 

Founder: Karl Arnold 

Specialty: Stationary steam accessories; nautical toys. Introduced “Rapido” gauge “N” model railroads in the 1960s.    

Arnold’s initial offerings included toy metal trains, model ships, doll house furniture, and many other types of toys.  In the early 1930s and 40s, Arnold toys often have CKO or CKAO markings on them to identify this tin toy maker. For those that don’t know, Karl Arnold was born in 1865 in Bavaria. Then at the age of 41, he founded the company for mechanical toys in Nuremberg (1906). There is a wonderful book entitled Arnold – The Toys from 1906 until 1965 that shows more about this German maker. I wholeheartedly recommend Ulrich Schweizer’s book, especially to the person who purchases this solid toy or any of the iconic tin ships. 

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