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Prototype Marx Plane based on Looping Plane for sale *sold*

Prototype Marx Plane based on Looping Plane- research help

We have a curiosity that is a Marx concept toy/prototype and kept at the Girard, PA location.  It has an inventory number, and hand painted model number and have confirmed its historic nature.  One of the leading Marx toy collectors, Jim Bauman, has reviewed it and also agrees it is a prototype.

The wood on the wheels appears more raw/natural than production.  Aging on the tin is proper with the oxidation.

It came from New York in the 1960’s around the time many prototypes hit the streets, and has been locked away for decades with one owner.

The aft wheel, lever, and action are unique.

No label is kept/affixed on the top wing.

Write to us at if you have pre-production paperwork to share or have seen this product number.

Our example has a rear wheel zig-zag steering pattern that is unique.  We’ve also see this style of toy produced in 1940.  Ours is a 1938 date, just before the later flip over version toy was introduced.








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