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RARE Chein Tin Lithographed Windup Train Toy for Sale


RARE Chein Tin Lithographed Windup Train Toy

This is a tough to to find in great condition!  It is a humble Chein Toy, likely from the mid 1920’s and quite colorful.

The windup works well and it is all original.   The lithograph is still quite bright.

This is an early and primitive Chein ca 1920, so it puts the condition in perspective– It turned 100!

We have enjoyed it in our shop for quite some time, & it is time to adopt it out!


J. Chein & Co. New York City, New York and Harrison, New Jersey.
1903 – 1979 (toy producing years)
Other names: Became known as Chein Industries, Inc., in the 1970s.
Founder: Julius Chein
Specialty: tin mechanical toys, banks, drums, and tea sets.
Tin toys were lithographed. Chein`s line of comic and circus tin toys received wide acceptance in the 1930s and leading up to World War II.


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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in