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Rare Steiff Short Haired Terrier Pull Toy in the Bing Style ca. 1912 for Sale


Rare Steiff Short Haired Terrier Pull Toy in the Bing Style ca. 1912


This little guy was hard to find anywhere! However, after exhaustive research we believe this to be a circa 1912 Steiff short haired terrier pull toy in the Bing style as shown in the 1912 Bing Toy Catalogue “Dogs on Wheels” pp. 440. The catalogue describes it as a # 270/200 that is 22cm (feet to head) x 30cm (nose to tail). This cute puppy is all decked out for Christmas. We imagine this was how the dog was presented to the owner on Christmas and they just never took off the silver garland wreath with small colorful plastic ornaments. Other than that, everything is all original with no repairs or restorations. The dog is made of a felt fabric, which due to age does show some moth holes here and there, as well as, some discoloration and fading. The integrity of the fabric and its sewn edges are still very strong and well made. He is stuffed with a sawdust material and is still very sturdy all over. He has little black button eyes that just beg for you to take him home. The cast iron wheels roll nicely. The frame and axles are firmly attached. Under his festive garland he has a collar that is a leather like material with a metal buckle and studs. We have detected no voice/growler. It may be there, but not in working order anymore. It also does not come with a pull chain. Overall, this toy is in great condition for its age and we would love to see him go to a good home to be part of a collection.

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