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Marusan San Kosuge Tin Lithographed Aircraft Carrier Windup Toy *SOLD*


Marusan San Kosuge Tin Lithographed Aircraft Carrier Windup Toy

This sought after San or Marusan aircraft carrier was branded as “The Coral Sea”.  Kosuge, Japan is co-branded on the stern deck.  Our version is a very early and large version, not often seen.  It comes with a windup mechanism and is superior, in our opinion, to the battery version that is prone to breakage.

Our toy is working and takes just a few winds to power for close to a minute.  The spring is strong and it works very well.

Condition is outstanding, and has just a few abrasions on the hull.  Guns are still there, and often break off due to their delicate construction.  All planes are present as is the crane/gantry next to the bridge.

We believe that the planes are impressionistic and meant to be modeled after postwar propeller planes.

Ship and military collectors will not be disappointed.  This is a superior example of the post World War 2 Japanese rendition of the historic Coral Sea, named after the historic naval battle of the Coral Sea.

The actual namesake ship was launched in 1948 with a straight deck.  Then in 1960, the actual ship had a major reconstruction in advance of more modern jets and for catapault systems.

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Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in