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A. Schoenhut & Co. ca. 1911 “All Wood Perfection Art Doll” Girl Doll with Dress DURABLE Model *SOLD*

A. Schoenhut & Co. ca. 1911 “All Wood Perfection Art Doll” Girl Doll with Dress DURABLE Model

Our Schoenhut All Wood Perfection Art Doll doll is a beauty that needs restoration.  It is a very durable model doll with a solid wood head and wood-carved hair.  The doll comes with a hand-stitched period replacement.

She needs an adoption for a potential restoration. We have noted the repainting and the replacement clothing.  Details are shown of the body parts their compressed metal spring joints work well.



A brief history of the A. Schoenhut & Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 

1872 – 1935 

Founder: Albert Schoenhut 

Specialty: Began manufacturing toy pianos in 1872. They featured a series of over 20 different Living Pictures in the 1890s, which were framed cardboard figures animated by a clockwork mechanism. Schoenhut is best known for high-quality dolls and wooden-jointed circus and comic strip characters, including Felix the Cat, Maggie & Jiggs, Barney Google, and Sparkplug.

Schoenhut doll houses hit the assembly line from 1917 to 1934 and doll house furniture from 1928 to 1934.

In the 1950s, Schoenhut granted Nelson B. Delavan of Seneca Falls, New York, the rights to produce toys in the style of the A. Schoenhut circus and to use the Humpty-Dumpty Circus name. Delavan manufactured reproductions of wooden-jointed figures and a series of circus animals under the name Humpty-Dumpty Toy Company, until 1952. Many of the toys closely resemble their predecessors, though some differences in design-such as the clown’s face paint do exist. These toys received a lukewarm reception and are not up to the quality and charm of their predecessors. Schoenhut circus tents were known to have been produced in the 1970s. 

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