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Schuco 5700 Battery Operated Synchromatic Packard Convertible in Box *SOLD*

Schuco 5700 Battery Operated Synchromatic Packard Convertible in Box

This Schuco 5700 Synchromatic Packard is a highly sought after tin car with exacting details.  The German toy maker Schuco has always been known for their mechanical inner workings and complexity, so this is a super scale complex toy made for the kids with big budgets.

The car is a battery powered push button drive vehicle.  We also have a lever in the trunk that slots into drive positions.  It is finicky; we have been able to get the wheels powered, but the rear lever/selector needs to be held into place.   We don’t speak or read German, so this may just be us not using the proper procedure.  The light on the dash lights up as it should.

The steering control is present, as are replacement cones.  Our toy didn’t come with the control wire, otherwise the toy set is near mint and complete.  The box has wear and some tape pull on it, with a very light restoration on a tape pull at the top left of the box.

Schuco’s Packard is such a well proportioned, detailed toy with countless metal parts, glossy details and finish.  It is one of the best Post-War toys produced from occupied Germany, and a benchmark of toy engineering.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in
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