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Schuco Elektro Ingenico 5311 German Tin Litho Battery Op. Remote Controlled Maroon Sedan with Box & Accessories for Sale


Schuco Elektro Ingenico 5311 German Tin Battery Op. Remote Controlled Maroon Sedan with Box and Accessories for Sale

This is a German made 1950’s Schuco Elektro Ingenico 5311 battery operated remote controlled, tin maroon sedan with chrome accents in its original box. This all original tin maroon sedan comes with chrome accents and has a plaid lithographed interior. The sedan was modeled after the Buick V8. The sedan is in dusty but great condition. The paint has some scratches and scuffs that are expected with age. There are no breaks, repairs or touch ups have been detected. There is a dent above the headlight on the passenger side with some paint chipped off, most likely from being run in to something. The bottom is clean and in great condition with very little wear. The sedan is approximately 8 ¾” in length. The battery compartment is made of plastic which has shrunk with age so I we weren’t able to put batteries in it and test it out to see if it works. The steering wheel mechanism and all cords are included. All the bollards/road signs and accessories are here, as well as, the instructions, certificate, and plans. Also included is a Schuco cart in coordinating color that could be attached to the car to hold the battery compartment. The box is in good condition with shelf and display wear as well as some corners that have split. A couple of the corners on the box top appear to have been taped back together on the inside. We invite you to peruse the photos to further determine quality and condition.


A brief history of Schuco:

Schuco was started in Nuremberg Germany in 1912 when Heinrich Muller and Heinrich Schreyer formed the toy company Schreyer & Co. In 1921 it became known simply as Schuco. Schuco’s first tin toy appeared in the mid 1930’s when it introduced the Schuco Patent Motor Car.

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