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Schuco Hopsa Felt and Lithographed Tin Windup Mouse and Baby for Sale


Schuco Hopsa Felt and Lithographed Tin Windup Mouse and Baby

This clockwork mouse and baby are from the “Hopsa” series of figures released in sets by Schuco of Nuremberg, Germany from the 1930’s through to 1950’s.

The large mouse is tin covered in gray felt that is in great condition. He has felt ears, felt body, felt arms, felt yellow pants, stitch nose, button eyes, yellow neck ribbon, and a leather tail. His tin black boots are stamped “Schuco Patent. Made in Germany” on either side. The baby mouse is gray lithographed tin with felt covered arms, a grass skirt, pipe cleaner legs (missing felt feet), and a red and white polka dot neck ribbon. The clockwork mechanism is wound by the included original Schuco key. The clockwork is strong and when wound the large mouse jitters around in circles lifting the baby mouse up and down off the ground.

Our example of this piece is in good all original condition with no restorations, repairs, or touch ups. As mentioned, we did notice the little mouse’s felt feet are missing from her legs. The lithos and felt are in good overall condition with the usual dust, patina, scratches, surface rusting, scuffs and chips that are seen with age and play. It is approximately 4 ½”H. We encourage you to examine the photographs to further determine condition and quality.



A brief history of Schuco Modell of Nuremberg, Germany:

Schuco Modell was started in Nuremberg Germany in 1912 when Heinrich Muller and Heinrich Schreyer formed the toy company Schreyer & Co. In 1921, it became known simply as Schuco. Schuco’s first tin toy appeared in the mid 1930’s when it introduced the Schuco Patent Motor Car. The company’s specialty was usually cars and trucks in tin, plastic and diecast. The company went bankrupt in 1976 but was reorganized in 1993 and then totally independent again by 1996. Throughout the years Schuco has passed to different hands and acquired other companies, yet it still continues on to this day making scale models for hobbyists and promotional vehicles for vehicle companies.


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