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Scratch Built Exploration Ship for Sale


Shedd’s Aquarium diver and explorer Tom Ryder custom built this project out of love.  Tom is the artist responsible for creating a museum miniature of the Titanic expedition ALVIN that sits in the WHOI or Woods Hole Oceanographic Museum in Cape Cod.

He also scratch built this museum grade ship in the name of perfection.  Detailing is incredible, from masts, to deck details, to the incredible multi-axis arm that could be “used” with exploration gear like Alvin.

That arm was an Atlas 5 ton crane arm, all scratch built.  It took tom weeks of time to get the scaling, detailing, and pieces just right.  Work was done in his Illinois workshop with exacting care.

The model is static, but has the potential to be an R/C craft.  As-is it is a tremendous museum grade item that needs to be seen inperson to truly appreciate.

Length is approximately 41″

Weight is over 10 pounds.


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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 15 × 15 in