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Structo Dump Truck Pressed Steel Goodness for sale *sold*


Structo Dump Truck Pressed Steel Goodness for sale

Our Structo bronze dump truck just came to us from New Jersey.  That’s right, it is a loved original toy from an original owner that relocated to Florida.  The heft has passed from them and come to us!

Our toy is all original and in great condition, but with a frosted front window.  All parts and stickers are original.  Whitewalls are super clean and paint is in great condition.  Both oval stickers are very good to excellent.

Structo Manufacturing Company was based out of Freeport, Illinois. Founded in 1908, Structo made toy construction sets before selling the patents to A.C. Gilbert Company, the well-known manufacturer of ERECTOR sets. Structo then started manufacturing “Auto-Builder” kits, including the High-Wheel Tractor, that children could assemble into working models.

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