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Structo Twin Tractor, Four Trailer with auto Hauler set for sale


Structo Twin Tractor, Five Trailer with auto Hauler set for sale

The title is a mouth full, but the toy is an absolute blast of a set!  Our truck and trailer combo came from its original owner’s estate and is a treat.  It cleaned up so very well that we feel it wasn’t used much at all. -Structo Steel Company.  -Structo Auto Hauler.  -Structo Cattle Farms, Inc. – Structo Log Hauler.

The cattle trailer has tape residue on the top but is near new.  The auto hauler comes with a ramp and is in lightly used condition. Cars exhibit some play wear, just a bit, but are in very good condition with chips.  The red hauler trailer is in very good to excellent condition.  Both tractors are in very good condition with some finish wear and aging; undersides look excellent.

Structo Mfg. Co. Freeport, Illinois
1908 to date
Founder: Louis and Edward Strohacker and C.C. Thompson.
Specialty: Erector construction kits, ready-built and construction kit auto toys.

Again, these were all sold as a set.  Quite likely they were safeguarded for decades in a box, and have just emerged this month new-to-market.  Structo did a great job on these trucks and cars!

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