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Daisy Mfg. Co. Superman Krypto-Raygun in Box Rare! *SOLD*

Superman Krypto-Raygun by Daisy, Rare!

Here we have a rare one folks!  It is the pre-war, pre Kryptonite storyline, Superman Krypto-Raygun toy!

Fresh from Florida, we have a Daisy Manufacturing company “Superman Krypto Raygun” for sale.  It is an incredible combination of BB gun housing (not a gun here), film projector, and Superman toy lore.

As it happens, Superman toys like this were ready to roar out of factories around 1940, just before World War 2.  So understandably, there were fewer of these made due to war efforts.  Quickly WW2 forced an end to toys made of metal and the factory was switched to higher and better uses.

Our gun comes with four original film strips that rotate around the battery and light.  The lantern/projector works, however we chose not to operate beyond a test.  The film is in good condition, with one of the four having yellowing from aging.  This said, it is fragile.

The toy works by trigger, and the trigger advances one frame at a time.  Then a kid can either project the film slide on the wall or look into the dual lens barrel.  The trigger also lights the light in addition to advancing the film.

The old toy ad claims–“Exactly like Superman’s own original Krypto-Raygun which is made of ‘Kryptonite’ the amazing metallic substance found only on the planet Krypton.” Nowadays Kryptonite would be the last thing Superman would want to touch. However comic readers didn’t know that yet; Kryptonite didn’t appear in comic books until Superman #61 (1949).

Our toy is in excellent condition with clean contacts and a clean blued steel stamping.  Two pictures were taken of the Superman to contrast how light can shimmer and shine with a deep blued depth (like Colt guns or other Daisy guns).  It doesn’t look like batteries were used much if at all.  The box is a near perfect reproduction done in exacting detail.  Then the raygun top with circles has some light corrosion on it, but is still in good condition.  Four original film strips are included with two extras to fill out the display.

These have been quite sought after, so it is a treat to share and offer one for sale!

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