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Vintage Tank and Half Track Model Kits for Sale


Vintage Tank and Half Track Model Kits

Our kits are an exception to the rule.  We normally do not stock models, but these Army kits were well preserved and are unusual models; not re-released.

The first is a U.S. Army M-109 Howitzer made by Aurora.  It is a premier American maker and comes as shown.  We believe it complete, but have shown all the contents for a double-check.

Likewise, the Armored Half-Track is a great find and was by Monogram.  Its contents include army men in a number of positions.  Contents are likewise complete, but please re-review the photos.

Monogram and Aurora kits are now gone and sought after, especially because of the commanding box art used.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 in
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