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Tippco Toys Company (Tipp & Co., TCO) Tin Lithographed Friction Fire Engine Ladder Truck *SOLD*

Tippco Toys Company (Tipp & Co., TCO) Fire Engine Ladder Truck

Our fire truck was sold to a fireman, but we wanted to share.  This firetruck design was likely a very early post-World War 2 work by Tippco Toys Company (Tipp & Co., TCO) of Nuremberg, Germany.  The lines of the vehicle remind us of Dodge or 1953 Chevys.

The ladder extends by hand and the toy has a friction drive & rubber tires.



A brief history of Tippco Toys Company (Tipp & Co., TCO) of Nuremberg, Germany:     

The Tippco Toys Company (Tipp & Co.) was established in 1912 by Mr. Philipp Ullmann. The company established itself as a major producer of lithographed tin toys in Europe. However, in 1933 Mr. Ullmann, being Jewish was forced out of Germany during the rise of Nazism. The company continued to produce toys without its Mr. Ullmann. Due to anti-Nazi sentiment many pre-war German toys were destroyed after the war contributing to their rarity today.