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Tipp & Co German Tin Airplane Toy TC-55 for Sale


Tipp & Co German Tin Airplane Toy TC-55 for Sale

We are offering a beautiful and used plane that is the equivalent of a wall-hanger in the gun world.  It looks great, but it just isn’t working.  The plane’s wheels still fold under with spring loaded landing gear.  The propeller still looks great, but we could not get the windup inside to work and internal pieces may be missing.

Still, our plane is from very sought after Tipp and Company or TippCo of Germany and doesn’t hit the market often at all.  It is a beauty as it sits with play wear and striking lines.  Tin is quite heavy as expected with TippCo toys.  Production on this toy was likely in the 1930’s.

Tipp & Co. Nuremberg, Germany
1912 – 1971
Founder: Tipp and Carstans
Specialty: Military line of tin toys.

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Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in