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Tippco WW2 Kublewagen German with Anti-Tank Gun for Sale


Tippco WW2 Kublewagen German with Anti-tank gun for sale

Tipp and Company or Tippco Does it best!  The tin toy company had a zenith in war toy designs around the 1930’s  and this is one of them.  The toy windup comes with hand made cammo patterns and a detailed composite driver.

Our toy is in very good to excellent condition with some dust and very very light wear on the tire bottoms.  The oft lost ammo box is on the back of the car, and there isn’t the normal corrosion.   A Tippco key is included.

The Tippco Toys company was established in 1912 by Mr. Philipp Ullmann. The company established itself as a major producer of lithographed tin toys in Europe. However, in 1933 Mr. Ullmann, being Jewish was forced out of Germany during the rise of Naziism. The company continued to produce toys without its Mr. Ullmann.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in