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Tom Corbett Space Explorer Polaris Rocket Windup *sold*

Tom Corbett Space Explorer Rocket Windup- Polaris

What else is more red-blooded American than an American Space toy!  Then our Marx Mid-Century windup really captures the Buck Rogers and space race era in American history.

Our toy is original and comes from a well respected tin collector.  He moved on to a different specialty, so this is a treat that has been curated for over 25 years and new to market.

There is very light wheel wear on the high points as expected (versus newer or repaints).  The litho has light wrinkling on the body, per normal Marx manufacture.  The top red domes have minor chips.  Our sparkler works with small sparks under the green translucent tail windows.  The light blue belly has a chip under the forward fins, and then a scratch near the rear landing gear.  This said, it is about at 99% original beautiful paint/litho condition.  Our nose cone is in factory new condition as ar the fins… something that is a rare treat!

What strikes us is that the Tim Corbett #2 Space Cadet toy is a very solid gauge of steel or tin.  It has heft and has a fully enclosed and working windup mechanism.

Tom Corbett History (wiki)

Tom Corbett is the main character in a series of Tom Corbett — Space Cadet stories that were depicted in television, radio, books, comic books, comic strips, and other media in the 1950s.

The stories followed the adventures of Corbett, Astro, originally Roger Manning and later T.J. Thistle, cadets at the Space Academy as they train to become members of the Solar Guard. The action takes place at the Academy in classrooms and bunkrooms, aboard their training ship the rocket cruiser Polaris, and on alien worlds, both within the solar system and in orbit around nearby stars.

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