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Ultraman Leo Eidai Grip Diecast Jet For Sale


Ultraman Leo Eidai Grip Diecast Jet For Sale

Japan made super small die cast toys in an effort to copy the success of US made Hotwheels.  One such company, Eidai Grip, captured the precision of hot wheels and made them fit in a “Grip” of a hand.  Our toy offering is a fantastic and delicate space ship from the TV show Ultraman Leo.  -A live action show with actors and rubber suits.

The toy comes complete with its own viewing box and city background.  The lid can be lifted and rubber bands removed.  The ship has folding hinged wings that are like a hovercraft.  Per non-existing safety standards, the toy has sharp points and animation like protrusions for fierce battle.

Our toy is near new old stock.

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