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Vintage J. Chein Walking “Donald” Duck Wind-Up Tin Toy #102 for Sale


Vintage J. Chein Walking “Donald” Duck Wind-Up Tin Toy

We have a vintage J. Chein Walking Duck windup tin toy that features colorful lithography of a blue eyed duck with an orange jacket, blue bow tie and matching blue hat. He is very reminiscent of a Donald Duck type character. He has a built-in wind-up mechanism with a dedicated key. This piece is marked “J. Chein & Co. Made in USA” on his bottom. When the key is wound and you release the duck’s feet he walks/waddles across flat surfaces. His windup mechanism is strong and he works as he should. His lithos are very strong overall with the usual patina, scratches, scuffs and chips that are seen with age and play. We did notice some light surface rust on his key and legs. He is approximately 4 ¾” from beak to key end and approximately 5” tall. We encourage you to examine the photographs to get a better idea of condition and quality.


A Brief History of J. Chein and Company:


Company Name: J. Chein & Co. New York City, New York and Harrison, New Jersey.

Production Years: 1903 – 1979 (toy producing years)

Other names: Became known as Chein Industries, Inc., in the 1970s.

Founder: Julius Chein

Specialty: Tin mechanical toys, banks, drums, and tea sets. Chein’s tin toys were lithographed. Chein`s line of comic and circus tin toys received wide acceptance in the 1930’s and leading up to World War II.

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