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Wyandotte Air Speed Coupe (Airflow) with Flat Grill *PENDING*

Wyandotte Air Speed Coupe (Airflow) with Flat Grill For Sale (pending)


Our near mint air speed coupe was made 1934-1937 and tough to find in this flat grill version.  In our eyes, it is a waterfall grill Chrysler Airflow coupe with spare and running boards.

Condition is very good to excellent and original.  There are minor chips and age spots, but the toy is almost as made from the factory (toys weren’t handled well off of conveyors & in factories).

We know this as the Number 309.

Wyandotte toys started around the fall of 1921.   Wyandotte purchased Hafner toys (with train lineups) in 1950.   Louis Marx also purchased a good share of stock around 1951 with the reorganization and purchased some toy lines, & used Mexican operations.


P.S. During World War II, Wyandotte made clips for the M-1 rifle!

Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 9 in