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Schieble Hill Climber Firetruck #3

Schieble Toy & Novelty Co. was founded by William E. Schieble and operated from about 1909 to 1932.  In these brief few years we had a subset of the Boyer and Dayton Ohio toymakers legacy.  Satiable Toy was an offshoot of the D.P. Clark & Co company that operated from 1897 to about 1909.  The story gets confusing, but suffice it to say that these makers have so much in common that we can call them “Dayton Toys.”

It was my pleasure to not only find an early Schieble Firetruck #3, but also get to use my fresh book by William C. Gallagher and Dr. Richard C. Cumminbs entitled The History of Dayton Ohio Toy Makers.

The video below is of Fire Engine No. 3 with Driver, boiler, pump wheels and air chamber; made of wood and sheet metal with extra driven wheels.  Length: 14 inches and circa 1910.  Our example has paintwork that is entirely unique to all our auction records and pictured examples.  Catalog numbers on the bottom may be something our readers recognize.  Are these private collector numbers?  Are they internal Schieble numbers?  We need your help.

We should also mention that J. C. Turner filed a 1909 patent that claimed a unique process of making toys from a single sheet of metal.  U.S. Patent No. 928,228, patented July 13, 1909 USPTO covers forming” ….[a] body stamped from a single sheet of metal.”  This eliminated a large number of steps that were previously needed in making toys (such as tabs or soldier).  Designers and manufacturers now take this concept for granted; yet it was a giant step for toy makers & cost savings.



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