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Buddy L Museum Review- Toy Appraisals

Buddy L Museum review and ratings– We just reviewed a truck toy valued at $5000 by the “Museum” on Ebay,  a public auction venue, during Christmas.  The appraisal was current.  The noted tow truck ultimately sold for $2500, and the appraisal seemed strong. Have you visited their museum in person?  It would be fun to…

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Buddy L Outdoor Railroad Train with Tender

Welcome to the world of Buddy L and the followed, but secretive world of outdoor trains.  This particular toy comes deserves a fresh photo shoot and a sharing of the detail, the steel, the beauty. The toy is either steel, or brass, or cast stainless, or chromed steel.  It is massive, heavy, and extremely well…

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Buddy L Toy Trucks for Sale. Buddy L Buying

Buddy L Toy Trucks for Sale. Buddy L Buying Buddy L trucks, and Keystone trucks, and Steelcraft, Kelmet, etc had been at the very top of collectors lists for decades.  Then in the early 2000’s things eroded.  Possibly stock market changes cut spending, possibly mini-recessions, investment issues, deaths; one never knows the largest contributing factor.…

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