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Allentown Toy Show November 2018 Wrap-up

Allentown Toy Show November 2018 Wrap-up   We had a great visit  in Pennsylvania as always and enjoyed our Fall drive from Florida.  During the end of our drive, the entire area was in a perfect yellow, orange, and brown state of Fall.    Before the show we didn’t have rain on our journey and…

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Dent Cast Iron Cars and Trucks

Through good fortune as of late, we have been able to enjoy toys made by the American cast iron company Dent.  Dent’s history is one of preciseness, success,  and then an end to the toy production. Dent Hardware Co. Fullerton, Pennsylvania 1895-1937 ( continued to manufacture cold storage hardware until 1937). Founder: Henry H. Dent, with…

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Cast Iron Toys

Collecting cast iron toys have been mostly associated with American toy collectors.  As such, I wanted to assemble some cast iron toy photos for everyone and to make the site more popular with search engines.  Here are some highlight photos to share.  You will notice the wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Prices tend to…

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Cast Iron Toys and Antique cast iron

Cast iron toy and Antique cast iron collecting Cast iron toy collecting seems to consistently create a love hate relationship.  Love them for beauty; hate them for rarity.  Love them for the history; hate them because the historic ones don’t get offered for sale often.  Love them for their craftsmanship; hate them when you get…

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Kenton Cast Iron Toys from America

One of my latest Cast Iron toy finds ends up being a early 20’s century automobile.  Of course, it has four wheels; but where does the research go from there as there isn’t a make or model labeled on the car? Luckily, here at Antique Toys we have over 300 books and catalogs as well…

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