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Cast Iron Tow Trucks and Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  The toys are smiling back at you this tough 2020, and we love our cast iron tow trucks.   Off to the far left we can see the giant Arcade Mack truck with steel wheels.  As we go one right, we see another Arcade, a Red Baby Tow in…

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Hubley Cast Iron Motorcycles

What a great opportunity to show off some Harley and cop motorcycle toys by Hubley.  These solid cast iron toys were made in the 1930’s and help showcase the prowess of the tool makers at Hubley. Each of these castings was done by artists and in each you can see the strong points.  I happen…

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Hubley Chrysler Airflow Sedan with lights Review

Hubley Chrysler Airflow Sedan with lights Review As a long time cast iron toy enthusiast and research, I’ve waited for the day to see a Chrysler Airflow sedan in person.  Earlier I had a fleeting glance of a gray one, but never did I actually hold one. Well through a kind gentleman and referral, I…

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Hubley Cast Iron Toys

The Hubley Manufacturing Company was first incorporated in 1894 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by John Hubley. The first Hubley toys appeared in 1909 and were made of cast-iron, with themes that ranged from horse-drawn vehicles and different breeds of dogs, to tractors, steam shovels, horses, banks, and guns. Hubley’s main competition in the early years was Arcade as well as a bit from A.C. Williams.

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Kenton Cast Iron Toys from America

One of my latest Cast Iron toy finds ends up being a early 20’s century automobile.  Of course, it has four wheels; but where does the research go from there as there isn’t a make or model labeled on the car? Luckily, here at Antique Toys we have over 300 books and catalogs as well…

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