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Missouri Battleship Toy from Japan, ITO

We are pleased to share a great toy made of wood.  Yes, this is a Post-War Japanese Wood battleship toy of the venerable USS Missouri (though it looks metal).  It is battery operated with lights and a motor.   Historians note that it was used up to the Desert Storm flight in Iraq and then…

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Antique Tin Toys and a Sojurn in Japan

February 2017 started with a bang and a long awaited trip to Japan.  Thank you to my gracious friends from around the world that met up and hosted! One would think that Japan was going to have wall-to-wall toys for the picking.  Older visions in my mind conjured up images of stuffed toy shops waiting for customers.…

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Old Toy Friends and Networking

In the age of Tweets, Likes, captures, snaps, et. al. it is so great to meet collectors in person.  Visits like the one I enjoyed last week make me want to drop the computer in the trash & network with only an old phone, two hands, two eyes, and two feet. This Sunday a vintage car collector invited me…

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Arcade Taxi Review – A Savannah, GA Find

Peering into the flat matt of dust, smoke residue, and pet hair; I started to recognize the outline of a vintage Arcade toy. Looking closer, the store owner’s find began to take shape as a Number 2 size Yellow Cab from the early 1900’s.

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