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Cast Iron Sedan, Willy’s Knight, by Kenton Toys

We enjoyed a recent sale and started scratching our heads about an obscure car toy.  It was styled after a lesser known brand– Willy’s Knight and produced by Kenton.  We would like to track down one for our archive. Kenton Toys, based in Kenton, Ohio, produced some of the most detailed toys of the early…

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Kenton Cast Iron Toys from America

One of my latest Cast Iron toy finds ends up being a early 20’s century automobile.  Of course, it has four wheels; but where does the research go from there as there isn’t a make or model labeled on the car? Luckily, here at Antique Toys we have over 300 books and catalogs as well…

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Kenton Toys and Heavy Dray aka Stake Wagon

This particular Two Horse wagon has been quite a challenge to look-up and define in detail.  The reason being, Kenton had two periods of producing cast iron horse toys– one from the 1900’s to about the 1940’s, then another less detailed production in the 1950’s.  The plethora of variants takes time to sift through.  Then…

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