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Renninger’s in Mt. Dora, Florida Antique and Toy Show

How many of you have heard of the Renninger’s “Extravaganza” (and Mini- Toy Show inside)?   Many around Pennsylvania have, as it is a legendary marketplace for Antiques.  Dealers have for sure, as it is a pilgrimage.   -But the public?  Yes, for some, many, no.    Renninger’s actually has two locations.  One is in Pennsylvania,…

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Antique Tin Toy Plane by Modern Toys Japan

  Every once in a while toy collecting will surprise you.  One can study older toy catalogs, read books, visit shows, and then believe you have a grasp on what was made.  Then there is that new find. Granted, new toy finds for me aren’t necessarily new to others, but this toy didn’t show up…

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