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Old Toy Cars for Sale and Antique Toy car buyer

Our site has a growing list of old toy cars for sale, so check us out please.  We sell old toy cars around the world and have been helping older collectors liquidate.  Recently we sold toy cars from a well known Florida collector. As an example, we buy and sell Japanese toy cars like those…

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Old Toys and Photos of Old Toys

Old Toys & Photos– What is  your time frame? E Marty asked me to define and antique. ‘It is officially a toy over 100 years…’ I said. Then he asked about vintage toys. ‘..To me it is a toy that is at least 15 years old’ Then he drilled deeper and asked me to define the term “Old…

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Arcade Taxi with Number 9

Here we go again with another interesting Arcade cast iron find.  This time the taxi has “No. 9” marked on the door and is also a custom run. The unearthed toy came from Florida of all places.  It also came with a postage stamp commemorating the toy in the early 2000’s. More details to come,…

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