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Old Toy Trucks for Sale

Old Toy Trucks for Sale We have the old toy trucks for sale!  There is a pattern that these work vehicles have a massive following and we happen to love toy trucks too!  Below are some photos to show trucks that we have or have sold recently.  We are always looking to buy or consign…

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Old Toys and Photos of Old Toys

Old Toys & Photos– What is  your time frame? E Marty asked me to define and antique. ‘It is officially a toy over 100 years…’ I said. Then he asked about vintage toys. ‘..To me it is a toy that is at least 15 years old’ Then he drilled deeper and asked me to define the term “Old…

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Old Windup Toys and Antique Toy Windups

Old Windup Toys and Antique toy Windups This may be a great opportunity to show off some of the current windup toys on AntiqueToys as well as show off some toy history.   Check out the old windup toys & photos below. Below are old windup toy mechanisms to get a flavor for what “used…

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Consigning Old Toys to Sell – Selling Antique Toys

So the other day my client and I were in a dilemma.  We had an incredibly unique old toy, one that was a desirable antique without many comparable sales.  She asked me to make and offer, but I wasn’t comfortable buying it outright, especially when condition wasn’t easy to review at a distance.  She was concerned…

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