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Buddy L Museum Review- Toy Appraisals

Buddy L Museum review and ratings– We just reviewed a truck toy valued at $5000 by the “Museum” on Ebay,  a public auction venue, during Christmas.  The appraisal was current.  The noted tow truck ultimately sold for $2500, and the appraisal seemed strong. Have you visited their museum in person?  It would be fun to…

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Renninger’s in Mt. Dora, Florida Antique and Toy Show

How many of you have heard of the Renninger’s “Extravaganza” (and Mini- Toy Show inside)?   Many around Pennsylvania have, as it is a legendary marketplace for Antiques.  Dealers have for sure, as it is a pilgrimage.   -But the public?  Yes, for some, many, no.    Renninger’s actually has two locations.  One is in Pennsylvania,…

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J. Chein & Co. A Collector’s Guide Toy Book Reivew

In the toy collecting heyday of 1997, Alan Jaffe and Schiffer Books partnered to make J. Chein & co. A Collector’s Guide to an American Toymaker.  The results are quite spectacular and  illuminating for modern collectors that appreciate history.  The book helps piece together the innumerable Chein toy details and production history.  This guide is a beautiful…

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