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Windup toy boats, Mahogany Boats, and Tin Goodness

Windup toy boats, Mahogany Boats, and Tin Goodness. In the spirit of the New Year, we are reflecting on some of our favorite inventory that sailed away.  There is such a shelf presence with toy boats! We’ve enjoyed being curators to some and look forward to new purchases and consignments.  We are also noting our…

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J. Chein & Co. A Collector’s Guide Toy Book Reivew

In the toy collecting heyday of 1997, Alan Jaffe and Schiffer Books partnered to make J. Chein & co. A Collector’s Guide to an American Toymaker.  The results are quite spectacular and  illuminating for modern collectors that appreciate history.  The book helps piece together the innumerable Chein toy details and production history.  This guide is a beautiful…

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Old Windup Toys and Antique toy Windups

Old Windup Toys and Antique toy Windups This may be a great opportunity to show off some of the current windup toys on AntiqueToys as well as show off some toy history.   Check out the old windup toys & photos below. Below are old windup toy mechanisims to get a flavor for what “used…

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Antique Tin Toys and a Sojurn in Japan

February 2017 started with a bang and a long awaited trip to Japan.  Thank you to my gracious friends from around the world that met up and hosted! One would think that Japan was going to have wall-to-wall toys for the picking.  Older visions in my mind conjured up images of stuffed toy shops waiting for customers.…

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Tin Toy Collector and Florida Visit

Tin Toy Collector and Florida Visit   With a bit of delay, I’d like to share some photos that highlight a great visit to a Florida tin collector’s home.  Mr D was kind enough to host me and talk toys; afterwards we toured his collection and saw some of the best in Lehmann toys as…

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Vintage Toys for sale locally

Vintage toys for sale in St. Petersburg

Lately I’ve been spending a good amount of time locally looking for antiques and vintage toys of interest.  As always, you look for toy X and find toy Y, and inevitably one finds older toys that aren’t quite antiques.  Let’s call them vintage toys. Well all around St. Petersburg we have vintage stores, thrift stores…

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Antique Tin Toy Plane by Modern Toys Japan

  Every once in a while toy collecting will surprise you.  One can study older toy catalogs, read books, visit shows, and then believe you have a grasp on what was made.  Then there is that new find. Granted, new toy finds for me aren’t necessarily new to others, but this toy didn’t show up…

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Fernand Martin Toymaker in Paris Book Review

Wine and beer are acquired tastes that only strenghen with age.  So it goes with toys from the French toymaker Fernand Martin.  Oft broken and disrobed on the current market, these historic toys deserve to be seen in new old stock condition to appreciate the genius.  So when J. Arthur Verdoorn, Fernand Martin & Lourens…

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