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Smith Miller Gulf L-Mack Private Label Tandem

Smith Miller Gasoline Tandem Truck

Smith Miller Gulf L-Mack Private Label Tandem Our Smith Miller represents an area we didn’t know well– private labels by the 1950’s maker.  We have a private label Gulf tandem truck to show from the original family. We expect there to be other labels out there and would like to reach out to our readers…

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Republic Toys Pressed Steel Truck

Etch in your mind yet another lesser known pressed steel toy company– Republic Toys of Dayton Ohio.   Our “Tool Products Company” didn’t leave a long lasting impression toy collectors (at least from our standpoint), but should have.  Our American toy maker tends to be bunched into “Dayton” Toys steel products. The Republic Tool Products…

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Franklin Mint and Danbury Mint Toys, trends, and thoughts

-Sitting amid a new collection of Smith Miller, Japanese autos; and, gak, Danbury Mint and Franklin Mint toys the proverbial light goes on.  These toys/Collectibles just aren’t that bad at all.  Dare I say they are the evolution of highly detailed toys from the 1950’s like the Japanese tin cars and trucks. We have a parallel…

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Buddy L Toy Trucks for Sale. Buddy L Buying

Buddy L Toy Trucks for Sale. Buddy L Buying Buddy L trucks, and Keystone trucks, and Steelcraft, Kelmet, etc had been at the very top of collectors lists for decades.  Then in the early 2000’s things eroded.  Possibly stock market changes cut spending, possibly mini-recessions, investment issues, deaths; one never knows the largest contributing factor.…

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Hubley Cast Iron Toys

The Hubley Manufacturing Company was first incorporated in 1894 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by John Hubley. The first Hubley toys appeared in 1909 and were made of cast-iron, with themes that ranged from horse-drawn vehicles and different breeds of dogs, to tractors, steam shovels, horses, banks, and guns. Hubley’s main competition in the early years was Arcade as well as a bit from A.C. Williams.

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