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Republic Toys Pressed Steel Truck

Etch in your mind yet another lesser known pressed steel toy company– Republic Toys of Dayton Ohio.   Our “Tool Products Company” didn’t leave a long lasting impression toy collectors (at least from our standpoint), but should have.  Our American toy maker tends to be bunched into “Dayton” Toys steel products. The Republic Tool Products…

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Buddy L Outdoor Railroad Train with Tender

Welcome to the world of Buddy L and the followed, but secretive world of outdoor trains.  This particular toy comes deserves a fresh photo shoot and a sharing of the detail, the steel, the beauty. The toy is either steel, or brass, or cast stainless, or chromed steel.  It is massive, heavy, and extremely well…

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Alfred C Rex and Co / Kyser and Rex Cast Iron love

Alfred C Rex and Co / Kyser and Rex Cast Iron love- we note that a very nice mechanical bank surfaced recently.  It isn’t ours, but we would like to find one that isn’t broken.  Let us know if you have a #125 Motor Bank or trolley bank for sale.  That, or just have one…

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Antique Toy Catalogs, Books, and Vintage Toy Wish Lists

Antique Toy Catalogs, Books, and Vintage Toy Wish Lists Venture through the Antique Toys library room and see about 1000 Antique books and toy catalogs. Yes, we pride ourselves on constantly purchasing reading and research material for the business. Our toy library (at the moment) is organized by manufacturer in one section– Imagine Arnold of…

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Old Toys and Photos of Old Toys

Old Toys & Photos– What is  your time frame? E Marty asked me to define and antique. ‘It is officially a toy over 100 years…’ I said. Then he asked about vintage toys. ‘..To me it is a toy that is at least 15 years old’ Then he drilled deeper and asked me to define the term “Old…

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Vintage Toys for sale locally

Vintage toys for sale in St. Petersburg

Lately I’ve been spending a good amount of time locally looking for antiques and vintage toys of interest.  As always, you look for toy X and find toy Y, and inevitably one finds older toys that aren’t quite antiques.  Let’s call them vintage toys. Well all around St. Petersburg we have vintage stores, thrift stores…

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World’s Most Expensive Toys– Yes, they are Antiques

Morphy Auctions Sale of Old Woman In Shoe

World’s most expensive Toys   Searching for valuable toys and internet research is fraught with mistakes, exaggerations, misrepresentations, and assumptions.  I constantly get asked “Did you get a load of that article on the World’s most expensive toys?  Barbie?  GI Joe? Gundam?  Something seems off.” Let me reframe the question, qualify, then correct. For me,…

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