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TippCo or Tipp & Co toys from Germany

Paging through the thoroughly foreign book by Rudgr Huber, “Tipp & Co–größter blechspielzeughersteller in nürnberg nach 1932”, my personal collector appetite is whetted.  Translated into English- “Tipp & Co, the largest tin toy seller after 1932”.  Ok, I’m drooling a bit.  

We have a wonderful 9″ x 9″ reference book brought to us by Tummel publishing.  Photos within the large tomb have a unique fade of light to dark (often a dark blue sky).  The breadth of toy pictures is spectacular within the book, and we have mint condition Tipp toys pictured throughout.   All photos shown belong to Tummel.  Get the 2003 book if you have a chance.

On a personal note, I would like  to purchase the Autobahn Touring Car, a Mercedes, on page 75.  Let me know if you have one for sale.  I’m also fascinated by the Eva Braun wagon by Tippco on page 74.  TippCo sculpted each of these cars with extreme care and scale, potentially an overcompensation for all the war toys in their lineup at the time.

We see another great “New” 1940 street police, Strassenpolizei set which comes with a motorcycle and police cop and track.  They appear to be climbing the Autobahn or other bucolic smoothly paved mountain road.  the box art is masterful. 

Toy lust continues on to pages 204 with wartime trimotor planes, racing aircraft, and beyond to an absolute killer race plane known as the “Comet”, painted code G-ACSS for call signs.  Documentation has this a 1936-39 lithographed tin.


The book shows off catalogs in each collecting area, and is extremely thorough.  We see blimps, tanks, more tanks, electric cable controlled tanks (an Electrik-Panzer).  TippCo’s lineup was breathtaking.  

To end the book we come in a full circle– Mickey Mouse and Minny on a tourist motorcycle.  Let us know if you are selling one.  It is a favorite design with five fingered mice riding a green “TCO” symboled, Dunlop Cord shod, glossy tin windup.  Rudger Huber gives us a stunning send-off.

If you have a chance, add this book to your library.  It is in German, but the pictures are incredible.  

As for the toys, contact us if you have some to share.  We have enjoyed about 30% of this catalog in person.  There is another 70% to go and appreciate any leads you have!


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